I am a private person and although I have appeared on television and in magazines and the media in the past and invited again it always caused me a lot of anxiety but the blog section on Etsy appeals to me because I can write about the things that are important to me and inspire me and leave it at that. 

I am drawn to recording the places I visit and know well. I have a terrible memory for directions but an almost photographic recall of a view, an atmospheric mood, tree branches that form a pattern, fields with different colours and shapes like a patchwork quilt. 

We own two very awkward terriers, who stop all the time on walks. So whilst I'm slowly wandering around in all weathers on the Moors or the Dales I have additional opportunity to spend time looking, really looking. It's an obsession, like a music producer trying to get a track on an album to sound coherent..I work the same way but with paint. It has to feel right and all the different elements of it need to come together before I know it is finished. Painting is like creating music to me and my brush is my instrument.